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Music I listen to

Van Morrison
Rolling Stones
Fleetwood Mac
Charlie Parker
Tina Turner
Rod Stewart
ZZ Top
Billy Joel

Movies I like

Apollo 13
The Right Stuff
The Godfather Part 1 & 2
Star Wars
Die Hard
007 James Bond
Indiana Jones
Alien series

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Interesting facts about me

I live in Tampa with my husband and two dogs and two cats..and two ducks as well.....some of my hobbies are pets, photography and digital art, nature and wildlife, history, music, chess......the list goes on.......

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Favorite Chess Quotes

Chess is a fairy tale of 1001 blunders - Savielly Tartakower

Chess is everything - art, science, and sport. - Karpov

A chess game is divided into three stages: the first, when you hope you have the advantage, the second when you believe you have an advantage, and the third... when you know you're going to lose! - Tartakower